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Moni Castaneda provides a variety of services and products to provide individuals and businesses with tools that may improve their quality of life with minimum investment of time or energy.

Moni believes in living by values [what you truly believe in and treasure] instead of by ambition [what you have been conditioned to believe should be your goals].

Feng Shui helps you create environments at home and at work where it can become easier to be
happy, healthy, prosperous and free!

Moni is a Feng Shui master, practitioner and teacher.

How to Eat: Nutritional advice that is easy to understand and apply. Moni and her husband co-authored the book "How to Eat" with her husband Marco E. Castaneda, a doctor of Chiropractic and personal fitness trainer. Moni is a Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Master, she also practices the Universal Clearing Profile, Creator Heart Alignment Profile, Practical Mastery™ and Energy Freeing™.

Moni also offers Space Clearing services.

Zumba Fitness:
Get a cardio workout while dancing to the rhythms and movements of Latin music and some pop. 

Moni's classes are fun and easy to follow and the music is great!

Moni is a licensed Zumba® teacher.

Graphic Design:
Moni designs
custom websites, logos, brochures, postcards, business cards, etc. that reflect the goals of the client and the culture [mission statement/vision statement] of their business.
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MoniLife is Monica [Moni] P. Castaneda's website for her business located in Knoxville, TN. 7786 Emory Chase Ln, Knoxville, TN 37918 • (865) 973-1475

Moni offers Feng Shui, Space Arrangement, Web Design, Graphic Design, Energy Healing, Food Preparation Advice, Grocery Shopping Advice, Zumba Fitness Classes.